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Maybe I want to be a mechanic?

Posted on | January 20, 2018 | No Comments

How often have you heard your car making a crazy odd sound but you have nobody to talk to about it, mostly because you do not want to sound stupid asking the question.

And let’s face it our friends our friends are great sources of information but they can also be pretty judgmental.

I have an answer for you, the CarClinic with Glenn from GT Auto Centre.

Every week, Glenn and I sit down in the studio and turn it into a car workshop.

This week was interesting because we had a message about a car that was at the end of its warranty, developed a problem just at the end of the period and because the owner missed several services the warranty was voided.

We also had a good chat about spending the 500dhs or so to have a car you may be interested in inspected by an independent workshop.

One thing is for sure when I get to sit down with Glenn you can never be too sure what you will learn and it is always a lot of fun.

Click to hear the podcast of the show.

If you are wondering what Glenn does when he is not hanging on the show check out his Instagram @glennthatcarguy.

Want to take a look at the show notes?

The CVT gearbox question was nice!

Tell us about the Rolls and the oil level gauges, a lot like the new cars today!

And let the questions begin.

  1. I asked this question last week and never got an answer

I have a 2008 s500 mercedes benz, 90000 km driven only,  my AC is acting funny, whenever i turn the car on the AC is steaming hot for at least two minutes, then it goes back to normal. What do u think is the  problem and how can i fix it.


2. Why does the lexus CT-H have such low power, I think 98 bhp. Is bhp supposed to be taken differently for hybrids?


3. What is a CVT gearbox and are there reasons to not want a car with one?

4. What should I be on guard about if I want to have underbody lighting installed?

5. Oil additives when I get the oil on the car changed do we need it?

6. Can a silencer be bought that is real from other than the dealer like is there a Speedy Muffler King in the UAE?

7. How hard is it to fix peeling clearcoat (me)

8. Service or non service battery which is better?

9. How often should the air filter be replaced and not just blown out, how do we know the air filter is finished?


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