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Fitness matters for more than you think.

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Look left, look right, turn on the radio, hit the magazine rack, surf the web and there is somebody talking fitness.

Not to toot my own horn but for over 7 years we have had a fantastic fitness show on Nightline and what makes the show one of the strongest fitness information and motivation programs anywhere is the continuity of it.

Marcus Smith from Innerfight has been with the show since the start and together we bring great conversation, insight and inspiration to you!

As most are aware by now myself, Carlin Gerbich, DJ David Craig and Jay (PTDXB) part of the crew who did the Men’s Health Transformation Challenge in Dubai last year are running the Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon.  The goal was maybe to do the 10k run and Marcus a couple of months ago said do the marathon I will coach you.

I have to confess I may have jumped the gun thinking this would be easy.  We have been training hard for 2 month and we are close.

At this point the longest run has been 26k, we are working on 3k splits with a bit of rest and that should get us to the finish line in a pretty epic time if all comes together.

I will be honest my ankles do feel a bit tender after 2 hours of running and we are looking at just under 5 as a finishing time.

I will be honest at the 2 hour point I am hungry, really hungry.

There is a lot to be said for having a plan and having a coach and Marcus has really stepped up.

And I am that person who in the past would have not gone with a coach and just did some runs.

After talking marathons we talked food and a we even got to a few questions from the listeners.

Have a fitness question get it to us at nightline@dubaieye1038.ae

Ok, so why might you want to listen to Marcus and myself talk about fitness and more, becasue we have a unique insight into what people are thinking. Marcus is a gym creator and extreme athlete and I am a professor and guy trying to keep fit.

Click to garb the podcast.

And if you are interested in the show notes because yes we do come to this show with a plan they are below.

Looking forward to this show.

What is going on in the gym?

What was the most memorable question you had this week?

How is the cycling going and what was this week’s lesson?

The Retreat?


  1. The transformer boys, Carlin, DJ David Craig, Jay PTDXB and myself are locked and loaded for the marathon BUT there is questions about the distance the ‘head game’ and then there are some tender ankles.

-so like us others are getting ready what kind of finishing strategy is needed with pace?
-tender ankles what to consider
-nutrition and hydration? Used on my water on the 23k run the other day and was thinking crap I am thirsty
-what about tapering for race day

Tricks that ultra’s use!


2. Last week we talked hydration the other big issue people wrestle with is when to be eating, before a workout , and what to eat then or after you have the after burn of raised heart rate so is that a good time


3. cardio/strength/endurance how do we know, rule of thumb, how much to have of each in our workouts.

4.Love this quote!, read the article to get the prize at the end and it is what we all know, the issue is always how to not get distracted and sucked in by others.

When it comes to health and fitness goals, play the long game. Make small changes that over time will add up to something big. If you have specific goals you want to meet, don’t look for hacks or shortcuts, because they don’t have staying power. Consistency and small changes over time equal the biggest results.

One of the benefits of the fitness trackers we wear is that they give an enormous amount of data. Here are the fittest country


Why we need to stop talking weight… love the idea of recording images not weight
Thanks to regular training and a healthy, balanced diet, Lolas went from 149 lbs to 158 lbs over the course of her progress and realized that both the scale and the very concept of weight loss were lying to her.
“At first it was difficult,” she said, when I asked her about her journey. “Instead of weighing myself every day, I started measuring my progress by taking pictures of myself and measuring the way I fit into my clothing, which was incredibly helpful.”
Now, she’s a huge advocate of people—especially women—abandoning the scale and pursuing a healthy lifestyle without stressing about weight.
“Weight is not a direct reflection of someone’s health and fitness levels—these are the things we should be focusing on: feeling healthy, confident, and strong at whatever weight we may be,” Lolas said.
In the end? “Remember to be kind to yourself,” Lolas said. “You are enough.”
As difficult as it may be, it’s important to realize that this journey is about more than a number on the scale. Try setting goals, focusing on what your body can do, and start small. Fitness needs to be about health, finding balance, and living your best life.
Alternatives to sled pushes! Some gyms may not have the equipment so what to do?
But if your gym doesn’t have sleds, try these alternatives:
  1. The treadmill. “Keep the power off and use the belt as your resistance,” Bishop says. Place palms on back of the deck, keeping chest angled slightly down and neck in a neutral position, then push the belt upward.
  2. Towel and weight plates. On a smooth surface, stack weights on top of the towels, and push them across floor.
  3. Isometric wall pushes. Wearing socks, stand in a doorway or next to a wall. “Hold arms out and drive with legs while keeping tension in your upper body and core,” Bishop says.
  4. Partner band sprints. Have a buddy hold a thick resistance band from behind and resist you while you run forward.

How to be a world arm wrestler!


What’s the difference between free weights and resistance machines, and which should I be using?


Is walking or running better for fat loss?

How long should I rest between workouts?


If I stop training will my muscles turn to fat?


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