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Pat on the back! We all need one.

Posted on | January 27, 2011 | No Comments

Last night on DubaiEye I got the ultimate pat on the back from a former student.

Why is it we don’t spend the minute or 2 telling those people that have had an impact on our careers how their actions or in-actions have shaped our choices?

Souad Al Serkal was a student of mine many years ago who was finding her way.  We all know these students, smart, driven but maybe not going in the direction we would hope for them.

Of course you cannot connect the dots looking forward which is a small problem.

Souad had her way of dong thing that at times was maddening and at other times refreshing.

Souad went on to set up her own promotion/PR/AD/creative agency and has never looked back.

Yesterday, on the radio I had the pleasure of meeting a former student who was a shining example of taking the roots of education and using the basis to your own advantage.

But what was even more humbling was when Souad said I inspired her to go in the direction she went.

30 second of conversation 10 years of validation!

*** note to self tell those people who shape your decisions how they have done so OFTEN!

Souad is an example to all Emirati women.

Go with your passion and be proud of who you are.

And of course give thanks to those who have helped you along the way.

Here is our conversation.


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