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24 of the BEST Indie Music tunes from the middle east in 2017

Posted on | January 13, 2018 | No Comments

I am easily the luckiest guy in Dubai.

Every week Adam, the guy in the picture above, joins me for the price of a cup of decaf, to talk about the coolest indie music in the middle east and along the way we actually get to play the tunes.

So, not only do I get to hang with one of the coolest guys in Dubai but I get to learn about some cool music that many have not heard of and then we get to play it out on DubaiEye!

So, as I was saying I have it pretty good.

Well over the last several weeks we have been playing out the best of 2017, as far as our ears are concerned.

We could have gone on, and on, and on but I capped the best of shows at 3.

So we have 3 volumes of best of for 2017 which translates in 24 songs.

Here we go.

Vol #1 of the best of 2017.

Yasmine Hamdan_Douss
Hamza Hawsawi – Frame Of Mind
Nur Alfayez – Khaleek
Postcards – Bright Lights
The Bunny Tylers_E?te?
We Speak In Colors_Nobody’s No One
Zeid Hamdan_Oulouleleh Feat Muhammad Abdallah

Here is the Podcast link.

Vol #2 of the best of 2017

Coffee & Cigarettes_AlcoB

Anas Arabi Ft Speech – Al Sheir Wa Al Balagha

Etyen feat. Tala – Homosapiens

The recipe fool you

Hana Malhas_Nasi

Sean Warner we are one

Gurumiran – ‘Hingala’

Hollaphonic – Spaceship ft Bxrber

Here is the podcast link.

Vol #3 of the best of 2017

Nadah El Shazly_Afqid Adh-Dhakira (I Lose Memory)

Ala Ghawas – Red

Abri and The Dreamfleet_Unborn

Hello Psychaleppo – ANQA

LUMI – Talk to You (The Night Was a Liar Edit)

Tania Saleh – In Other Peoples Land – ?? ???? ????? 3:46

Muhaisnah Four_Home

Lekhfa_Kont Rayeh (I Was Going)

Here is the podcast link.

You can find us on iTunes and every week Adam and I have a great conversation about new music and Shania Twain if possible.


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