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Tool Time with James? Naaah the Nightline Fit-it show

Posted on | January 13, 2018 | No Comments

So, way back when I was a grad student in Montreal I spent some time working with St. Remy Multimedia and the project I worked on as an assistant editor was the rewrite of the Time-Life Home Repair and Improvement Series.

I didn’t work on all the books but I worked on several and it was a really fun job to learn how to do everything from clean anything off of anything to building a log cabin.  But it was not just about learning it was about teaching as well.

If I had to pick my favourite book to have worked on it would have to have been the log cabin edition. 

So, I have been playing with my mu Nightline show grid on DubaiEye and trying to find a nice fit for the Wednesday at 9pm spot where I had been doing Doctalk.

Well, an opportunity came up to have the guys from WeWillFixIt join me on the show and talk about home repair and improvement.

So, here we go with a new show that is all about keeping your villa, apartment, shack in tip-top shape.

What are we doing?

Answering DIY questions.

This week we talk thermostats, curved glass, and 2 way mirrors.

I was impressed with the interaction.

And Dan and Colin talk about how WeWillFixIt started.

Two guys, one working for SONY and one The ONE come together to shake up the home maintenance industry in the UAE.

Well, this is a show that follows the Nightline information, education and entertainment model to the letter.

Looking for an informative and entertaining hour of radio in podcast form, this is it.

Click here for the podcast.


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