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Fitness Spotlight

Posted on | January 9, 2018 | No Comments

Every week I have the opportunity to sit down with Marcus Smith and talk fitness.
Marcus is the man behind Innerfight, more than a gym, healthy lifestyle way of thinking.
Although a healthy fit body does lead to everything else falling into place.
This week we had a great chat about Apps and there are 2 in particular that Marcus points to.

  1. MyFitnessPal this is a great tracker
  2. TrainingPeaks  this is a great training app if you have a coach

Myself I am also using the FitBit app with a FitBit Ionic and love it.
As is the usual we have a very fun, informative and educational conversation about all sorts of things that touch on wellbeing.
Below is one way to listen to the show and you can get it to load via iTunes!

Click here for the podcast also.

One of the moments that was particularly interesting and important to all of us on the show this week was the conversation about hydration.
Here is a great link to get you thinking.
Here is the conversation from the show about hydration where Marcus and myself compare our own experiences with being under hydrated and what our suggestions are.

The Hydration conversation.

Have a fitness question or story or idea or just want to bounce an idea our way, email is at Nightline@dubaieye1038.ae




Nice article where to start weight, diet or exercise?



How to do better in life even the gym!



Q.Marcus what are your goto fitness apps?


Myfitness pal


  1. What is the difference between a personal trainer ,coach and fitness instructor? All the same?


This is cool, fun little slideshow on how to sneak movement



-metro and bus stops are prime movement places wonder why nobody is promoting activity in those venues

-needs to be fast, fun, inclusive, for all attire


Walking, you were in to this on your break.

-love the charts that talk about how far you need to walk to burn the excess calories





Flanners on Insta, love it, there is never a good time to start something


-marathon training is on target and a commitment


  1. Marcus I know you have been asked this can you walk me through a running, training, crossfit, gym shoe choice? How do we pick footwear?


  1. Marcus thoughts on Calorie counting?


Time to start! Like this post as it really does talk mindset, change and ownership.



This is a great list of fitness goals!



  1. why would we use a monster tire in the gym saw a pic on insta of the guys with one


  1. How important is sleep?


Q.water vs fitness drinks your thoughts?


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