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180 degree turn—you ready?

Posted on | January 25, 2011 | No Comments

I spend a lot of time thinking about career options.

Part of the reason for this thinking is I have children.

On another hand I am a professor and like to hope I am educating for tomorrow.

Maybe I am even thinking a bit about myself?

The days of being married to one job/career, for life, seems to be a thing of the distant past.

But are we trained to think about career change?

Are we trained to even consider making a go of the things we actually love to do?

Of course the answer is NO!

Well meet Qais Sedki the man who won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for children’s literature for his Manga book, the Gold Ring.


Qais went from a comfortable IT career into the cultural industry of Manga books!

When you listen to Qais you can hear the passion.

How passionate are you about what you do?

Why are we not encouraged to find employment in what we are passionate about?

I think we are scared to take our personal interests in the direction of our passions because all we have seen are parents doing jobs that are for the most part about money not love?

Imagine an education system that creates an environment for you to experiment with your passions and make a go of them.

One generation and we could see a total change in the way we think about careers!


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