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The people or the thing?

Posted on | January 24, 2011 | No Comments

A huge question we all deal with is whether it is the people or the thing that matters.

Is it the school or the teachers (notice administrators were not there) that matter?

Is it the restaurant building or the food?

Is it the words of the book or the cover that matters?

And then there is TED, is it the speakers or the attendees that really matter?

If you watch the videos and only the videos the speakers will win hands down.

And that is in and of itself what makes TED so special, the attendees, the people you never know or hear unless you are at TED.

And it is the effort to assemble a group of attendees that makes TED so special.

But the TED organization doesn’t just bring a clever group of attendees together it also creates fantastic opportunities for them to interact.

The TED site has tried to suggest to attendees the people that have similar ideas and that same website has the bios, pictures and contact details of all coming! And then there is the facebook (private group) with a couple of hundred people talking.

In one word WOW!

Imagine if academic conferences did this around the content?

***Note to self organize an academic conference with a TED feel.

One of the people I have been flagged to meet is Craig Hanna and what I find interesting is the organization he is with, ThinkWell.

Go check out ThinkWell I also love the simplicity yet content rich website they have. A colleague has said it is run off open source coding, interesting!

*** note to self think about the open source classroom and why it might be the an option even if just between campuses

What if I could tap into .001% of what Craig Hanna is doing as the chief creative officer at ThinkWell and import it into the classroom?

What is Thinkwell all about?

Every project is special and requires its own set of tools. We’ve created distinct divisions under Thinkwell Group to meet this very need. With this flexibility, we bring every project to life with exactly the right team.

With these talents, we’re able to touch dozens of diverse industries. And of course, we’re always eager to try our hand at something new.

Does that bio ever sound like my University maybe every university!


What if I could not only borrow the feel of the web identity from Thinkwell but the thinking as I reinvent the way I teach everything?

Maybe we need to think about what we do or are doing at the University differently?

Maybe we need a bit more Thinkwell in the mix?


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