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Mash up the University Experience with TEDx

Posted on | January 22, 2011 | No Comments

If you are a TED fan then you have to also be fanatical about TEDx events.

I find it amazing how many events there are globally and wonder if I can plan a vacation or year sabbatical attending TEDx events, writing, filming, blogging and creating the ultimate learning resource? Think of it as the resources for the degree of tomorrow, today!

Of course I need to get Zayed University to buy in or a patron.

TEDxDubai rored onto the TEDx scene in 2009 setting the benchmark  for the mega TEDx event. Giorgio Ungania and Natascia Radice took TEDxDubai to the next level of intrigue this year with Reboot.

What I love about TED and TEDx events is the manner in which they provoke us to stretch out imagination and comfort with ideas.

TEDxDubai is not just a conference but the prototype of the new university, really!

Short multi-sensory presentations.

Idea rich conversations.



Space to converse.

So what am I taking about?

Take the opening of TEDxDubai this year and the UAE national anthem.

This was the ultimate mash-up and the prelude to a day of idea exercises, exactly what a university education is suppose to be!

Check out the opening show.


My goal is to teach every class in the spring term with this level of engagement!


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