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Do I need the New Microsoft Surface Pro?

Posted on | October 1, 2017 | No Comments

Well, I have to be honest I probably don’t need to go and buy the New Surface Pro.

I am using an aging ASUS netbook with touch screen for my recording needs and a 2011 MacBook Pro for everything else.

I have an iPad that I never use and my other love, at the moment, is a Sony Xperia XZ Premium which is AMAZING.

So the 1st question I am asking myself is would I use the New Surface Pro?

The reality is my Mac is slowing down and getting a little tired and the ASUS while nice is not a good replacement for the Mac, but the New Surface Pro may actually be the best of my 2 current computers in 1.

And I have to be 100% honest I love a touch screen and can not understand why Apple is not putting touch screens in all their devices!

So, to get you started on my take on the Surface Pro have a listen to Microsoft talking about this new machine.

Click to hear my conversation with Microsoft.

And then I managed to play with the machine myself.

Click to hear Fouad asking me about my thoughts on the New Surface Pro.

So, in the end this is not a cheap option, there are all sorts of computers on offer that came in at the sub 2000 dhs mark.

I am also left scratching my head as to why Office is not simply included as a free option instead of a 30 day trial.

When all is said and done this is a true hybrid that has the functionality of a tablet and the guts of a laptop.

Because it is possible to add an external monitor and a keyboard, if you have the docking brick, I think this is a great option and one that I am seriously considering as I look to move away from my MacBook.

Love to hear what you think.


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