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HR and youth the problem is simple

Posted on | May 13, 2017 | No Comments

I have been working with interns in Dubai since 2004.

Over this period I have had the opportunity to talk at length to both internship site supervisors and the students who are going out on internships.

I say all this to simply make the point that I know a little about what UAE national women are thinking about the workplace and their thoughts, good and bad, about internship sites.

Actually all the federal universities in the UAE have people doing exactly what I do, coordinating interns.

So why have I never been asked by anyone for my thoughts on getting fresh grads into the private sector or about their expectations from a workplace or what can be done to make the Emiratisation project work?

I do not have a definitive answer but I have a good idea what my fresh grads are thinking.

I think we are being failed by HR and the fact that they are not asking those with front line contact with the people they recruit what the perspective recruit is thinking.

Expectations are being created by brands from the outside and those expectations are not being followed through with when the recruit joins the organisation.

Organisations forget that the little things matter.

My last group of interns just returned to Zayed University and they had an interesting experience.

I wonder if the HR team at the organisations my interns were at had an exit interview with them?

I asked my interns what advice they would give to future interns and this advice is very useful from an organisational perspective as it helps the organisation to plan how it will create a positive experience for the student who we all know will talk about the good and bad of the internship.

Click here to listen to internship student advice.

My advice to HR as they think about the next crop of fresh graduates they want to recruit is simply talk to the people that have been with the students and guiding them through internships there are a lot of insights to be had.



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