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Thoughts from Nightline

Posted on | September 10, 2016 | No Comments

A week of radio on DubaiEye will get your mind working.

Two shows in particular got me thinking this week.

First, the call-in about road safety.

road safety

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How safe are the roads we are driving versus our perception of the safety of these roads?

There was a great article in the Gulf News to frame the conversation.

The text message the summarised the situation was from Joanna and she said it is all about her own personal safety so she does nothing that will jeopardise her getting home.

Why take a chance? Why go into a rage? Take it easy.


Image from Shutterstock.com

The second show that made me sit up and think was the Jukebox.

Joshua Williams and I sat down with some great local musicians and had a conversation and played their music.

The Healer Twins, Shibani and Judea all came into the studio and talked about their music.

WOW, what do we learn from these artists? That music is a lot of work and that that work can and will pay off!

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