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Interesting Read and watch.

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First the read.

The bane of my life is how to take any of the ideas I have and monetize even one.

Here is an interesting read about video!

So what is the key takeaway?

Customer, customer, customer!

While the myriad content offerings is a bounty for consumers, who now spend 70 hours each week with media, content providers are increasingly challenged to break through and make sure their offerings are front and center. Despite the commotion in the space, however, many of the industry’s best-known content providers agree on one thing: The consumer needs to be the primary consideration.

A great example of this customer centered approach in action on another medium!


Check it out!

The #Followmeto Instagram project, with Murad capturing similarly styled photos of his now wife in exotic and breathtaking locations around the world since the pair loves to travel. Five years after uploading the first photo, Murad counts 4.3 million Instagram followers while Nataly Osmann’s account has another 1 million. And users inspired by the project have uploaded more than 337,000 photos on Instagram with the #Followmeto hashtag.

And sometimes it is all about sending a message to the audience!


What a great piece.

And finally this, VR.

Viewers of Post Fruity Pebbles’ virtual reality content will be sprayed with water guns and pummeled by dodgeballs in an immersive 30-second pre-roll spot beginning next week as part of the brand’s lighthearted “Yabba Dabba Doo” campaign. The ad, which takes the viewer through a series of colorful, vibrant activities like painting a mural and jamming with a garage band, marks Post’s first foray into the world of VR marketing and will run on multi-platform apps VirtualSky and StartApp.



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