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The Music of the week club

Posted on | June 30, 2016 | No Comments

If you have been hanging around this site for a while you know that the music of the week club, also known as the ME Indie Music Jukebox on DubaiEye is one of my favourite hours of radio.

As usual, the crew from @triplewme joins me to spin what is easily the best collection of indie recordings from indie artists, on the planet!

Click here to download part 3 of the best of indie music from the Middle East so far this year.



Here is the playlist!


Adonis – Eza Shi Nhar [Official Video]  ?????? – ??? ?? ???? 4:46

Blu Fiefer – Jukebox 4:36

Da Vinci Park_Brother I’ve Known 3:12

Massar Egbari_Cherophobia 3:30

Mo Zowayed_Hibiscus 3:07

Sail Into Night_Parade 3:08

Vandalye_8th Reign 3:53


Click to load Part 1.

Click to load Part 2.

So, you be the judge is this great music or what?


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