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The music of the week club

Posted on | June 4, 2016 | No Comments

If you are new to my site let me introduce you to something very special, a gift of sorts.

Every week on DubaiEye I produce a radio show called the JukeBox with Adam and Paul from Triplew.ME.

This is show that is all about playing a great playlist of music from the Middle East that people are not hearing.

I pride myself on collaborating with Paul and Adam to get music on the radio that has no popular media outlet.

This week we had a great lineup.

1. ETYEN_Aoede (Mashrou’ Leila) Remix
2. Abz – Die Here
3. Vandalye_8th Reign
4. Nowhere Birds – Slumber
5. Fat Randall – Letting Go
6. Palayan – Deception

The Podcast link


A great find this week was Nowhere Birds.

Check out the video!
And Vandalye is a band that is a must follow!


And Etyen is refreshing!



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