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Back after a month!

Posted on | April 16, 2016 | No Comments


Funny thing blogging, you know you have things to say but the how and when can be eluding.

Sorry for being absent.

I want to point you to 2 of the shows I did this week on Nightline.

The 1st show was our conversation about giving more fines to distracted drivers for doing even more distracting things.

Like what? Shaving, eating, the regular stuff.


What will be interesting is how many industries modify what they do because they promote distraction.

The drive thru coffee place is a distraction, food, what about smoking?

And then there are then kids fighting in the back what about them?

The idea is great more fines for more distractions, but can we make it work?


The second show I want to draw your attention to is the music of the week club, or the ME Indie Music Jukebox show.



Just great tunes!

Davinci Park 06 Go Slo
Davinci Park08 Brother I’ve Known
Houdou’on (Calm)
Fari Bradley – Stereo Mountains
Aniruddh Menon – One Rupee Jelly
Leone Murphy

Fari Bradley pulled together the electro playlist and it was very eclectic as you might expect.

These were 2 of the shows I most enjoyed this week.




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