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Creativity is in the air!

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In 2009 I had the opportunity to attend my 1st TED Conference in Long Beach California, this event was a creativity game changer for me.

Sitting and listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talking about creativity I realised that part of the creativity conundrum is simply seeing the elements of creativity around us in plain sight.

What was surprising to me, and I m sure to many who have listened to Elizabeth Gilbert since this talk was recorded in 2009, is the idea that creativity is elusive not because it is not there but maybe because we are not in a place or space to let it work with us.

Since 2009 I have listened hard to people working in the creative industries to try and get a glimpse into their journey with creativity.

What I have learned is that you can create an environment that fosters creativity and this is sure to help it find you but it has to find you and unless you are in space and time that is conducive to the creative process you are going to be at a loss.

I have also come to realise that many people in the creative industries really are not so creative but good at following a process that uses creative tools to produce product that has the hallmarks of creativity but are simply copies of those truly creative products.

So, am I suggesting that there is a lot of posing or false creativity around us? YES.

But if you are in the right space and time and have those that are willing and able to facilitate the creative process creativity can and does materialise.

Recently I had an opportunity to listen to a recording by Shady Ahmed playing 2 great tunes but also talking about the creative process.

Music and a conversation by Shady Ahmed on creativity and the creative process.

After listening to Shady and Elizabeth Gilbert I have this vision of creative ideas swirling around us, poking us, and trying to get our attention and in a fleeting moment consuming us as it sees an opening to be brought to the attention of the rest of us through that creative outlet, the creative person!

What is creativity?

How do we get creative?

How do we harness creativity?

I believe it is a union of space, time and circumstance.

Share your creativity stories.

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