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Fitness Journey Week 5

Posted on | November 3, 2015 | No Comments

2015-11-01 16.17.36

5 weeks into a sustained fitness program and I have to admit I need to be in the gym more.

This week started out great and then my partner got sick and given I am the ride for the sick partner we had to bail out on the end of the week workout.

After a week off with an injury I wasn’t sure how it would all come together and whether or not the injury was healed.

Thrusters, Inch Worm Pushups, Sled Pushing and Kettle Bells were what was on tap.

During the warm up I wasn’t sure how the old calf was going to take the complex movement and I was surprised when it all loosened up and there was no pain or sign of pain returning. 2 days later all is well!

Thrusters, a squat with a bar that is then pushed above the head while increasing the weight, is not my idea of fun but we made it work. Add pushing a sled 100m and you know if your legs are working. Put a kettle bell swing in at the end, 15 of those, and you know you have abs and shoulder muscles.

This was a good day.

It was a whole body workout and I think I was a bit more realistic, pushing hard BUT being mindful of the need to still not over weight the bar for lifts and to listen to the body a bit more intently.

Another good week!

Have a listen to my conversation with Marcus the man behind Innerfight!


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