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Fitness Journey, Week 3

Posted on | October 17, 2015 | No Comments

2015-10-11 17.18.42

Week 3 of my fitness journey with Marcus Smith and www.innerfight.com.

I can sum up the week in 2 words, PRETTY GOOD.

Here is a look at what we did.

2015-10-11 16.22.57

2015-10-13 16.22.39

On Sunday there was a lot of lifting and I have to be honest the inside of my armpits were really tender from the previous week’s workout. ¬†One thing is becoming very clear, I have pretty poor upper body strength and need to do a lot more work.

Squats with weight are a very interesting exercise.

I said that my inner armpits were a bit tender and that may be to light a term, I found it really hard to even do multiple pushups.

But by Wednesday I was feeling much better.

Tuesday’s workout left the arms alone and concentrated on lifting and did a real number on my legs.

Thankfully Marcus warned me that my legs were going to be feeling it.

2 things I found interesting the box jumps and the lunges with a light weight, we were suppose to do 100 but I managed 65.

An interesting side note to this exercise journey is I am learning that my recovery time is not what it was when I was 30.

Recovery is super important and it is taking me much longer than I had expected.

A chat with Marcus about the gym journey.

I am looking forward to getting back into the gym and seeing what Marcus has in store for me!

2015-10-13 16.23.34



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