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Fitness Journey, Week 2

Posted on | October 10, 2015 | No Comments

2015-10-06 16.25.35

For the next year I am going to be sharing my experience of getting in shape with my sone at www.innerfight.com.

On a weekly basis I also do a radio show, GETFITRADIO, with Marcus Smith where we talk fitness and much more. Of course we also have had a few comments about my work on the gym floor.

Well, this week was interesting because it took me 3 days to recover before I got back to the gym.  After looking at the 3 day recovery it became clear that one of the factors that was slowing down the recovery was hydration.

On the advice of Marcus I am going to make sure I am drinking, at least, 3 litres of water a day and this may help speed up the muscle recovery.

Spoiler alert, this week I actually didn’t totally feel like I was going to get sick after the workout.

The workout started with a series of lifts and I have to admit that starting at 30KG was a bit too ambitions.

After the 1st round I lowered the weight to 20KG.  It was a great challenge to do these lifts.  What I have become painfully aware of is the fact that I have a rather low strength in my upper body.  I need to work on my upper body.

After the 1st round we did individual lifts and kept adding weight. I have to admit my arms were shaking as I lifted and my right arm was weaker than the left.  At one point I was not sure if I could lift the weight over my head. I sure did feel it in my shoulders the next day.2015-10-01 10.48.39

After the warm-up we went into a 30 minute set with the goal being to finish 6 rounds.  The set included kettle bell swings, chin-ups and a 400m run.

I totally underestimated the kettle bell swings.

By the time I reached my 4th cycle I could only do 10 swings without a break and my arms were rather sore from the elbow down. But it wasn’t just my arms that were feeling the workout my abs and lower back was were also feeling the kettle bell swings.

The run was great but by the time I reached the 4th cycle I hit a wall.

I have to be honest I was glad to be done this workout.

As I was sitting in the change room with sweat running off me, with no sign of stoping, it was interesting that 2 other guys were also sitting on the bench just as winded as me.

We all looked at each other, laughed and said see you next week!



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