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The Bublcam.com, WOW

Posted on | October 2, 2015 | No Comments


There are some really cool tech gadgets out there and of course we want them all but how many do we really need?

Let me answer the question for you, very few maybe none.

So when Jatin Mava of www.digitalnexa.com talk me that he has a new Kickstarter purchase I had to see I must admit I was pretty sure he had something that I could not possibly need, I was wrong.

Bubl is a truly amazing little camera that I feel is a game changer because of its versatility.

Take a look at this image and scroll in all directions!

And look at the video possibilities!

Bublcam.com is where you can go and poke around to learn a bit more.

What is it in a nutshell?


  • VR PAN

An innovative camera capable of capturing 100% of the spherical range in photo and video (bubls), without any blind spots. The Bublcam is an end to end technology solution allowing you to capture, view and share bubls through its hardware, web and mobile apps. It also includes features for HDR and time lapse photos.

THIS IS A WOW product!

A podcast conversation with Jatin Mava of DigitalNexa.com, he owns one!



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