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Things I read, saw and wondered about for September 12

Posted on | September 12, 2015 | No Comments

Every week at about this time I like to take a moment and share some of the things that have passed across my virtual desk.

If you are like me there are some pretty cool things being forward to you and if you are like me you are always looking for an opportunity to share.

The 1st is a tune.

This week, if all goes well, the ME JukeBox will be back on DubaiEye with the good folks from www.triplew.me.

The JukeBox is the only show, that I know of, where you can hear an hour of independent recording artists on radio.

Well, it is only our 1st show of the season but I have found a song that could be the defining song of the season!

The song is called The Cold and it is by Ramly.

Here is a studio version of The Cold.


Ikea and the Apple Pencil.

This is just such an obvious reaction to the hype and description of why you want the Apple Pencil.

August 24, 1 billion people used Facebook in 1 day!

So the burning question has to be what were people talking about?

Here is a great article.

Here is the infographic of the day.


The Golden Girls!

This was simply a fantastic show and the fact it was aired 30 years ago made me think I am older than I feel.

This is a must read article.


Has Apple lost its edge?

This is an interesting read from FastCompany.

There is no question Apple has a knack for making us want products we don’t really need, they sell cool better than anyone.

But, are we seeing the Apple only kid on the block inventions like we did in the past?

I am sitting here and wondering.

I am wondering is the Apple cool still worth what I have to pay for it?


30 second ad in campaigns are now possible this is a big deal.

What this also tells me is we, the teachers, need to be demonstrating and leading the online community by showing our students how to use the online world to promote using video and other tools.

From where I am sitting we are devoting all out time to traditional video making and not looking at the other distribution outlets.

And this is a shameless plug!

CreativeMornings is back in Dubai this week and we are talking Empathy with 2 speakers.

Rania is talking Empathy and cancer survivors and Mohammad is talking Empathy as a business with his experience at Just-Wills.

2 great speakers and one super hour!

Join us Thursday.


I hope you have a good week and share your thoughts and ideas if you have a chance!


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