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The Search For a Good Shave.

Posted on | June 27, 2015 | No Comments

For as long as I can remember  I have always been a disposable razor guy.

No surprise the disposable razor industry is huge, $3.6 billion a year in the USA alone.

Globally the value of the disposable razor industry is a staggering $34 billion dollars!

Less than a year ago I took the bold step of saying no more to the disposable razors I had grown up using.  There was no good reason for me to change my shaving habits I had bought in hook, line, and sinker to the slick marketing campaigns created by the global disposable shave industry.

What I was interested in learning was could I get as good a shave from an old school safety razor, the type of shave where you dispose of the razor blade and not the handset?

For a fraction of the price of the latest and greatest 5 blade shaver I bought a Lord Safety Razor and a box of Feather Blades, followed by some fantastic Body Shop Maca Root Shaving Cream and a badger bristle brush.


The mass produced commercial razors and shave creams are great for a fast and efficient shave, emphasis on fast and efficient.  What the mass produced disposable razor has also done is deprive generations of men the pleasure of the grooming experience.

Yes, one of the 1st things I discovered when I picked up my Lord Razor was that the shaving process had to be slow and considered to avoid cuts, I had to concentrate, I had to lather and feel my face before I ran the razor over my skin and then I had to feel my face again and re-shave.

Suddenly the shaving process was slowed and it became about the enjoyment of the activity and not just the routine. I thought the joy of shaving would be short lived but several months later I am enjoying the art of shaving more than ever.

Of course there are challenges, I have had my share of nicks and cuts, but I haven’t packed my kit away and picked up a cheap disposable in the grocery store just yet.

What I have realised is that my dad didn’t teach me how to use a razor with a disposable razor blade in it and I wish he had! I think we all need a few lessons on how to shave and how different handsets, shave creams and even blades can change the shave we should all love.

Picking a shaving cream is very important and the stuff in a ready to use can is seldom anywhere near the quality you want to use on your face for a great shave, again convenience is  winning out.

Aftershave cream and lotion is a must and there is a lot of variety.

But most of all what I have rediscovered is that shaving can be immensely enjoyable and so many men today have no idea what they are missing out on because they have bought into the marketing machine of the $34 billion disposable razor industry, just like I had.

I hope more men take a  moment and rediscover the art of shaving and on a positive side safety razors are much more economical than buying the disposables that are front and center at every store selling male grooming products.



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