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Introducing Burgers2Binary the podcast!

Posted on | June 17, 2015 | No Comments


Andrew Thomas and aI have been doing a show on DubaiEye for a bunch of years now, Techtalk is what it is called.

Well, for too long we have been talking about a spinoff show of sorts.

You see, there are some restrictions when you are doing a commercial radio broadcast, mainly that you need to keep the program tight and very focused on the task at hand.

Not that Andrew and I are not focused but once in a while when we are talking about this or that you find yourself being drawn in a totally unrelated direction, for us it is often to food.

So, Andrew Thomas and James Piecowye have created a webONLY podcast called Burgers2Binary where we talk about all things technology and the random daily stuff that you might not entertain in a mainstream broadcast radio technology show.


We have soft launched and will be going full speed ahed in September but we have 2 of 4 episodes up now.

How can you find us?

1. SoundCloud

Or on Podomatic.com

And you can subscribe in iTunes and it is all free!

So, let us know what you think.



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