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Music it is!


This week I finished off with another interesting look at independent music from the middle east and I have to tell you Apo & The Apostles, love these guys.

Why not just go and give the Jukebox Radio Show a listen and you will hear what I am talking about, the boys are the 1st group up.


Lecture time.

CreativeMornings was announced for June 111th in Dubai and this is the final lecture of the season, we will be back in September.

I like the idea that what we are talking about this month is revolution, but in the context of food and reward.


Weddings are worth it?

We had a wonderful little conversation on Nightline about weddings. I was floored by the rising costs of a wedding. Here is a great message to the program.

James forgot to mention in the haste to share my story. We manage wedding events for our clients. On average the Russian market spend around 800,000 foraround 150 max guests as their menu items include caviar and the best premium drinks and the Indian Sindhi market spend on Average around 400,000 – 600,000 becauSe they have multiple functions for around 300 guests. It’s better to save that money and invest in a sound secure future as opposed to splashing so much cash to keep others happy! Ps; I’m shopping for my centre pieces now at the whole sale market 😉

If you want to get a sense of what we spoke about for an hour then you need to dial into the podcast!


Food is #1!

I spent a bit of time trying to figure out the balance of food and fitness with Zelda this week and we happened upon a great healthy pasta idea.

What about pasta without the carbs?

A great dish!



Bring on the Tech!

And as always there is always a need to think about a bit of tech and this was how I happened upon a $20 second screen and a cool keyboard idea.

Useful app for iPad users. Second screens for Mac book




Finger licking good




All in all a good week.




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