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Sharing Ideas.

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Sharing ideas is a big thing these days.

There are any number of conferences that are predicated on bringing together an audience and an awesome group of speakers and letting the magic happen.

Think TED.

In 2009 TED took the bold step of handing the opportunity over to TEDsters to create their own speaking series TEDx or an independently organised TED event.

I have been part of the TEDx phenomenon with the 1st TEDxDubai event, TEDxZU, TEDxDubaiWomen and TEDxAbuDhabiU and I loved the buzz.

Recently, as you may or may not know a small group of us, Paul Kelly, Haifa Al Rasheed and myself have kicked off CreativeMornings Dubai.

What I love about the CreativeMornings adventure is that it is an hour long, in the morning, hyper focused around the creative community and monthly. Time, topic and format are 3 huge issues in my book and things that have prevented me from attending other events.

What is also interesting about the CreativeMornings organisation is they are fully aware that others might look at what they are doing and say hey great idea but I want to go it alone so they are happy to say look, listen and create!

Marcus Smith at Innerfight has done just that and created his own monthly speaking series, at 8am on the last Thursday of the month.

Marcus calls his speaking series, InnerTalks!

I had the privilege of being on the 1st Innertalks stage.



Here is how Marcus describes his speaking series.


Inner Talks 1

InnerTalks kicked off on Jan 29th in Dubai. A huge thanks to all who attended the event.

Below is the audio file of the talks which is also available as a podcast download in itunes and also on stitcher. The video versions of the talks will be live very soon and will appear on this page.

InnerTalks will be held on the final Thursday of each month at InnerFight from 8am-9am. We invite anyone who would like to speak to contact us so we can schedule your talk, talks can be on any subject of your choice and can last for up to 10 minutes or even just 60 seconds. We really encourage everyone to share their experiences and learning in the attempt to inspire and motivate others around us. Please now mail us if you would like to talk at a future InnerTalks event.

I love the idea of sharing ideas and creating a mechanism to do so.

I hope we see more hyper-local sharing events in Dubai.



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