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Speed and Ideas.

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newFor several years I have been giving intermittent thought to how it is that some ideas seem to stick and others don’t.

As an educator I like to think that I get to play in the ideas sandbox trying to theoretically and practically understand the mechanism of idea uptake.

There are many people thinking about what it takes to get ideas to stick from brands to governments, educationalists to parents.

In the process we are fortunate to have thousands of physical and virtual pages written trying to understand what makes people go in one direction, when it comes to the adoption and internalisation of ideas and not another.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time considering the communication process and the way that system interacts with the audience to influence their thinking.

I have been asking why one person’s story might be more convincing than another’s.

What I keep coming back to is how fast the person sharing the idea or presenting the facts or telling the story is going about the task. How much time is being spent to seed the idea?

In my own words I call this the freeze/thaw effect.

I was watching a presentation by Robert Redford on the changes at the Sundance Film Festival and it would seem that Mr. Redford is describing some of the issues associated with freezing and thawing ideas!

There is a lot in this clip, the piece that really applies to what I am talking about is at 24 minutes.

There is a lot more to be said about ideas and how we get them to go from being talk to action to something larger but there is no doubt in my mind it all begins with the tenacity to slow down the delivery and allow those being communicated with to discover their own enthusiasm.

More to come…



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