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Music From The Middle East.

Posted on | January 31, 2015 | No Comments


There is a lot going on in this part of the world, the Middle East, and all that seems to make the news is death, destruction and conflict.

OK, sure there is a bit of coverage of the good side of the Middle East, which is truth be told most of the region, but that coverage of the majority is pretty much eclipsed by the death destruction and conflict of the minority.

Which brings me to the radio show I do with the folks over at Triplew.me that spotlights the best in indie music from the Middle East.

Yes there is Indie music in the Middle East and it is worth listening to.

This week we played 6 tunes.

Against the Odds – The Boxtones

Healer Twins – gelino axali

Jay Wud -Low

Gnawa Diffusion – Ya Laymi

Salma – Monodose – Un Verre Chez Nous

Postcards – Where The Wild Ones

Of course there is a lot of fun conversation along the way.

Here we are asking each other, OK James is asking, about rain songs.

A small conversation about the Abu Dhabi commute in a motor home!

And we spend a lot of time talking about sound effects, seems almost as much time spent on this topic as Shania Twain.

But this show is really all about the music.

Here is the podcast.

I am very curious what you think of the tunes we played and I would love to read your feedback.

Email me at James@Jamesed.com or send a not to the show Nightline@DubaiEye1038.ae.



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