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Story Map, What An Idea!

Posted on | December 29, 2014 | No Comments

This is a very cool tool and I found it on my goto place for journalism information it is all about using story map.

Here is the link!

One of the challenges we face today is how to tell engaging stories that take advantage of the available tools at hand.

Story Maps helps to build embeddable maps to explain stories that happen across different locations and time periods.

So what is it in an elevator pitch?

Story maps combine interactive maps and multimedia content into elegant user experiences. They make it easy for you to harness the power of maps to tell your stories.


And the best part is this tool is applicable to most any story!

Who Are Story Maps Designed For?

For the most part, story maps are designed for general, non-technical audiences. Many story maps are aimed at everyone, that is, anyone with access to the Internet and a curiosity about the world. However, story maps can also serve highly specialized audiences. They can summarize issues for managers and decision makers. They can help departments or teams within organizations to communicate with their colleagues.

Although story maps can incorporate analytical tasks, they are not intended to do the heavy lifting of geographic information systems. They use the tools of GIS, and often present the results of spatial analysis, but don’t require their users to have any special knowledge or skills in GIS.

Here is a great example from WHO.

This is a powerful yet simple storytelling tool that is sure to engage audiences.



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