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Motivation 35 years on from Terry Fox

Posted on | November 21, 2014 | No Comments

I am a pretty lucky person in that I get to spend 6 hours a week talking to people on the radio in Dubai.

You can find my program in iTunes, Nightline, or go and have a listen via podomatic.com.

This week I had an opportunity to speak to Fred Fox, the older brother of Terry Fox about the Terry Fox Foundation and motivating today’s youth.

It is simply incredible how the story of Terry Fox still manages to grab the attention of the young and old.

Fred Fox spoke about his brother with passion and was able to cut the message of Terry down to the core.

Here is what I took away from the 45 minutes I spent with Fred Fox.

1. You have to trust yourself even when others don’t and there will always be people judging you.

2. Goals need to be small and attainable to work even if that means what will you do in the next 30 minutes.

3. Start something even if people say it is impossible.

4. Keep going.

5. People will join you when your story is authentic.

6. It isn’t always about how good you are at something it is about how committed you are.

7. Work at it.

8. Be thankful.

And I am sure there is much more but that is what I took from our chat.

Here is the podcast of our conversation, share this widely it is worth it.


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