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Sesame Street Gives Social Media Lessons!

Posted on | October 26, 2010 | No Comments

There are still many individuals and even more company’s that have yet to embrace social media.

Yes it is work.

Yes social media requires a paradigm shift in economic thinking.

Yes social media requires a paradigm shift in customer relationships.

But there is no denying the power of social media!

Sesame Street, well the Muppet’s, are using twitter, facebook and YouTube to change the way children interact with the messages being delivered.

Interact is the operative word here.

We’ve entered an era in which Oscar the Grouch and the gang have over a quarter million followers onTwitter, with so few of us even realizing that a trash can could be Internet ready. Elmo’s doing Q&A’s onYoutube, and most of the main characters have their own Facebook page (Bert and Ernie’s latest post is a video of them singing with Will. i. am.). How any of them, particularly Mr. Snuffleupagus, uses a keyboard is another of life’s mysteries, but there’s just something so right about Cookie Monster tweeting, “Last year Telly dressed up as cookie for Halloween. Me Chased him 6 blocks till me realized it was just a costume!.”


Are there lessons to be learned from Sesame Street and its social media engagement? YES!

Take the Old Spice Guy!


And here is Grover’s take on things.


Social media is all about engagement, storytelling and making things applicable and sticky to the idea consumer.

And wake-up call our kids are growing up in the social media cloud!

Over 22 million views of the Old Spice Ad on YouTube and over 5 million for Grover!

What industry wouldn’t want those numbers?


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