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Tradition and Future=Curators

Posted on | October 23, 2010 | No Comments

There is a major struggle going on today in the area of news and information content creation and dissemination.

The struggle is on several fronts, between the old school journalist and the new school technology enabled journalist, as well as with those who are looking at old school print/video/audio and the new smart technologies.

And of course there is the conflict in academia, a conflict of personality/ego and skills adaptation. Are academics teaching and advising for the future? The past? Or just the moment?

What is certain is the playing field of the media is changing and may on the field are failing to keep up with the change.

We are rapidly heading into an environment where journalism of yesterday is not the journalism of tomorrow.

Journalist are not only content creators but they are increasingly becoming content curators!

The Newsroom of The FutureReporters (Journalists + bloggers): they don’t “cover” news, they don’t replicate press agencies wires, they bring original stories. They go on the real or virtual ground. They publish with a large array of rhythms: live tweeting, articles, videos, data, in-depth investigation… They can also manage a community of bloggers / users with whom they can co-produce the news. – Curators (journalists + amateurs) : they “cover” the news by sorting, verifying and editing live everything good existing on the web and in the media. They make link journalism, they make the news more accessible. – Columnists (bloggers, journalists, experts): they start conversations and give stories another perspective.


What makes this time so interesting is we as academics and practitioners are once again actively shaping what and how we will define and interact with media content.


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