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Thinking UAE Media.

Posted on | October 18, 2010 | No Comments

The media in the UAE takes a few punches, more often than not.

I teach about media and the communication process in the UAE and also work in the media in the UAE giving me a unique perspective on this very young industry.

There is no question the media here is still developing.

But compared to the development taking place in the west, or lack of, the change in the UAE media since 1968 has been profound.

The UAE only became a country in 1971!

What is still in its infancy is the media culture of the UAE, it is still being defined.

And part of the problem with the definition of UAE media culture is the extraordinary number of expatriates, like me, who are actively moulding the media culture of the UAE as I write.

What we are living is a classic Catch-22 moment.

The media here needs people like me but also needs UAE Nationals, what is the best mix and can it be legislated or does it just have to happen?

But no matter how I look at the media in the UAE I am left smiling and excited about the type of change taking place and the pace of that change.

Yes there are economic issues to work through.

Yes there are public/private issues to consider.

Yes there are manpower challenges.

Yes we need to reboot the thought process of what media means to us here in the UAE.

It is rewarding to know that some UAE Nationals recognize the change taking place and want more.

Here is a caller from Nightline who talks about his UAE media.

UAE National talks about UAE media.


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