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The skills you need.

Posted on | October 11, 2010 | No Comments

One of the questions I ask myself on a daily basis is, “am I introducing/directing my students to the skills they really need?”

Of course the follow-up question is am I teaching what is useful and needed or just what I am comfortable with?

For the most part I think most professors are guilty of teaching int he comfort zone and muttering the popular refrain, “when I was in the industry or at school or…. that is how it was done.”

The reality is that while the art of telling a story has not changed much since the printed word was embodied in mass media the dissemination process has changed.

And of course the construction of the story does evolve as the process of dissemination changes.

I loved this article about social media, interns and companies!

What does a company look for in a social media intern? The 1st point is to realize that few if any academics have walked that path!

1. good communication skills

2. good writing skills

3. excellent social skills

4. enthusiasm

These are pretty basic and any student should be able to check them off.

There are jobs out there and they are ready to be had!

Here is a partial list for some cool jobs from Mashable. Are we educators preparing our students adequately?

  • Social Media Campaign Associate at Tuvel Communications in Potomac, MD.
  • PR/Marketing Internship at Howcast Media in New York, NY.
  • Meatheads Social Ambassador at Meatheads Burgers and Fries in Chicago, IL.
  • Social Media Marketing Intern at NYTimes.com in New York, NY.
  • Interactive/Social Media Intern at Sponsorship Insights Group in Los Angeles, CA.
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