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What Makes a Good Work Space.

Posted on | September 29, 2010 | No Comments

After 10 years of teaching at Zayed University I have finally created a working environment that inspires me.

How often does a university professor speak about being inspired by their office?

My office is small, has a minimal amount of furniture, little storage and the walls are being used.

But what makes the office work are the 2 easy chairs that seem to be conversation magnets, they attract people to sit and talk.

Professors spend an extraordinary amount of time preparing course content, researching, writing, thinking but we seem to spend very little time thinking about how we will construct our own personal academic space.

What I really like about the office is the end of the desk chair!  I have a desk cube to sit on.

I also don’t use the¬†fluorescent lighting creating a whole new atmosphere.

What is left to be modified? The wall colour, they are still institution white.

Here is the video tour.


I wonder what others are doing with their offices to make them work for them?


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