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Vandalye talks the Dubai music they love

OK there is a lot of music being played on the radio that we all want a break from now and again. It is refreshing to be able to not only play and talk to a local band but be able to ask them for their pick of favorite tunes from other local bands. Vandalye […]

Do you have a book in you?

Do you have the creative energy to write a book? Have you started to write your story and stopped? I had the opportunity to speak to Dedra Stevenson about her latest book, it will scare the pants off you, and learn a bit more about creative process. Inspiring, entertaining and informative is a conversation with […]

The Election aftermath, the us election that is.

Well, we are now, days after Donald J. Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America. People around the globe are asking what does this mean for us individually and as foreign interests or foreign interested observers. On Nightline we asked our listeners, hours after the election what their thoughts were. Here is a […]

A wonderful voice

As you may or may not know I am the host of Nightline on DubaiEye. Once a week I host a show called the ME Indie Jukebox, easily the best show featuring music and interviews with artists in the region. Joshua Williams of Record Pro Records does the legwork of getting an incredible cast of musicians into […]

Under 16 year old females rock the Dubai music scene.

When you meet an inspiring person you can’t help but be infected by their energy. On my Nightline music show the Indie Jukebox we got to play tunes from 2 women in Dubai who are both under 18 years old. The 2 artists I am talking about are Millie Page and Saffron Collins. One word to describe these […]

Who is talking food waste? NOBODY.

I am constantly surprised by the ambivalence today about food waste. Is there an issue? At least 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, more than most countries emitted. This estimate included all the emissions required to produce the uneaten food, including emissions from soil, livestock and the energy required to run a farm. In […]

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