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This is the way we roll! I often think I should record 2 radio shows, the on air and the off air! Thoughts?

The Music of the week club

If you have been hanging around this site for a while you know that the music of the week club, also known as the ME Indie Music Jukebox on DubaiEye is one of my favourite hours of radio. As usual, the crew from @triplewme joins me to spin what is easily the best collection of indie recordings from […]

Sharing Fridges in Dubai!

This is simply very cool. What if you the right circumstances and people came together to do something amazing and there was no central organization? No boss, no audits, no money, no salary just great intention and great delivery? That is what the has happened with the Ramadan Sharing Fridge project in the UAE! This […]

This is the Indie Music of the week club!

As you may or may not know I spend an hour each week talking about and playing indie music from the Middle East with Paul and Adam from www.triplew.me. I call this the music of the week club. This is part 2 of the best tunes of the year so far! Last week’s tunes. AhmadFarah_Habeeb […]

Rough Call-in Show!

Doing a call-in show at 9pm during Ramadan in always a challenge. I thought it would be interesting, I thought wrong, to ask what people thought about making Ramadan hours the regular working hours? In my experience people, even those who are fasting are more focused and getting a 8 to 12 hours of work […]

Meet Big Hass!

Ok, Big Hass is a person you want to meet. Hass is the guy behind Mix FM’s Laish Hip-Hop program in Saudi Arabia, the only hour of Hip Hop on any Saudi radio station! It took Hass 6 months of sitting in front of the program directors door, 3 times a week, to get this […]

Motivation from Marcus Smith

Every week I have the opportunity to sit down with Marcus Smith the man behind the Innerfight.com brand and talk fitness. Today as we were answering questions I realized, as I do most weeks, we are not just talking health and fitness we are talking basic life strategy. As we wound down the show what […]

The music of the week club

If you are new to my site let me introduce you to something very special, a gift of sorts. Every week on DubaiEye I produce a radio show called the JukeBox with Adam and Paul from Triplew.ME. This is show that is all about playing a great playlist of music from the Middle East that people are […]

We really are good people!

I wonder, out loud, if air travel is a measure of how good we are as people? Think about it for a moment, for several hours we are caged up in a tube and forced to live in very close proximity with almost perfect strangers. Over the hours of confinement we have to communicate, give, […]