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What are your thoughts on Discipline in school?

So, you are well aware that for 6 hours a week I am a professional broadcaster on DubaiEye 103.8FM and this is a great way to put into practice the theory I teach in the classroom. Well, this week I was listening to Kenny and Daisy on the competition, Radio2, and a great question was put […]

Microsoft BizSpark very interesting

It is always interesting to learn that huge tech companies are not just trying to sell us software or stuff! I recently learned about Microsoft BizSpark and was amazed, why was this new to me? BizSpark isn’t a secret but sure is new to me. Go and check out the website link above because the site […]

A great video!

Have you seen this story about a family business? I would love to see more of these and see them being done by my students about the UAE!  

Keeping people in their jobs!

The big elephant in the corner of many establishments is employee retention. Some employers get the matrix necessary to keep people happy, many don’t. Yes there is a financial element to keeping employees happy BUT there is also a little of the good old appreciation. Too often today employers are using bullying and a fragile […]

Do we need homework in school?

Homework, do we really need it? Homework has won the hearts of lion parents and teachers and brought students to their knees. So, do we really need extra learning, delivered through homework? I wonder if homework isn’t simply a tool to get us comfortable with taking work home so when we are in a career […]

Music of the week club.

Every week I produce and present 6 hours of radio on DubaiEye and there is never a dull moment. The ME Indie Jukebox Show with TriplewME is an hour of infotainment and simply great music. This week we record-setting artists and world radio premiers AGAIN! The playlist. Alaa Wardi_Evolution of Arabic Music Interbellum – Brian Wilson Interbellum – […]

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