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Fitness Journey Week 4

This is my fitness journey record, if you are wondering what I am writing about. I have been doing a fitness show on DubaiEye for at least the last 4 years. While I have been talking fitness and the gym I have stuck to my running, swimming and cycling to keep in basic shape. This year […]

Fitness Journey, Week 3

Week 3 of my fitness journey with Marcus Smith and www.innerfight.com. I can sum up the week in 2 words, PRETTY GOOD. Here is a look at what we did. On Sunday there was a lot of lifting and I have to be honest the inside of my armpits were really tender from the previous […]

Just a great song from a great band!

Every now and then you come across a band that makes you stop in your tracks and take a second listen. Well let me tell you about a band out of Cairo, The Sharmoofers, Ahmed Bahaa and Moe El 3Arkan.! You can follow the band on Facebook and if you take a look at their site this […]

Fitness Journey, Week 2

For the next year I am going to be sharing my experience of getting in shape with my sone at www.innerfight.com. On a weekly basis I also do a radio show, GETFITRADIO, with Marcus Smith where we talk fitness and much more. Of course we also have had a few comments about my work on […]

The Fitness Journey Begins, Week 1

For 3 years I have been doing a weekly radio show called GETFITRADIO with Marcus Smith the creator of www.innerfight.com.   If you have listened to the GetFitRadio show you will know that we talk about all aspects of fitness and personal wellbeing and everything in between.  One of the common themes running through the […]

The Middle East Indie Jukebox

Where do you go to listen to what I would like to suggest is the best music in the Middle East? If you can’t make it to clubs or open mic nights there is not a lot of opportunity to hear the new up and coming artists and especially not the artists in the Middle […]

The Bublcam.com, WOW

There are some really cool tech gadgets out there and of course we want them all but how many do we really need? Let me answer the question for you, very few maybe none. So when Jatin Mava of www.digitalnexa.com talk me that he has a new Kickstarter purchase I had to see I must […]

My views of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Well, I have been using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for several years now and I am loving it.  I started using a Note when people still thought that 5 1/2 inches of screen was too much to carry. Not to self talk to IMAX people about complaints the screen allows too much to be […]

JadoPado a Conversation with Omar Kassim

If you have been living in Dubai for a while there is no doubt in my mind that when it comes to getting your hands on the latest and greatest technology you have taken a look at www.jadopado.com. But, as with all good things change is inevitable and JadoPado has changed or swivelled as Omar […]