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Simply Great Music From The Middle East

      Every week Nightline goes from a talk show to the regions premier independent recording artist music show. I really do have a great gig professor to radio and all sorts in the middle. Triplew.ME brings in a bag of music and we play and chat about what we are hearing!. Honestly there isn’t […]

Get to talk Cars!

On a weekly basis I get to sit down and talk cars with the boys over at MotoringME.com, these guys are fun and very cool. Here is what our show sounds like, great I know. Well, here is a great conversation we had and it all took place around a very sweet Audi!

A Great Hour Of Music!

  It is that time of the week when we cuddle up to the jukebox and get ready to listen to what the folks from Triplew.ME have pulled out of the vault! As always the show is full of insight. The talk of genres continues. Is it possible that Nickleback has listened to this music […]

What Do We Need To Read?

Do you subscribe to Open Culture? I love this website because of the content that is often very thought provoking. A recent post asked this simple question, that is not so simple actually. What Books Could Be Used to Rebuild Civilization?: Lists by Brian Eno, Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly & Other Forward-Thinking Minds Here are 3 […]

So Easy to Not Post!

It is so easy to say I will get to it later when it comes to writing a thought or idea to the World Wide Web. Guilty as charged. A few weeks ago Marcus Smith invited me to be part of the 1st InnerTalk series. It was very humbling to get up on a stage and […]

Sharing Ideas.

Sharing ideas is a big thing these days. There are any number of conferences that are predicated on bringing together an audience and an awesome group of speakers and letting the magic happen. Think TED. In 2009 TED took the bold step of handing the opportunity over to TEDsters to create their own speaking series […]

Speed and Ideas.

  For several years I have been giving intermittent thought to how it is that some ideas seem to stick and others don’t. As an educator I like to think that I get to play in the ideas sandbox trying to theoretically and practically understand the mechanism of idea uptake. There are many people thinking […]

Sarah Kay and CreativeMornings

In 2012 I was trolling the net at 3am and I came across a posting about CreativeMornings. I was captivated. I was amused. I was hooked. Last year, 2014, CreativeMornings held its 1st Summit bringing together organisers of Chapters from around the world. Community, passion, grounded, authentic, sincere and realistic are all words I use […]

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