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Music From The Middle East.

There is a lot going on in this part of the world, the Middle East, and all that seems to make the news is death, destruction and conflict. OK, sure there is a bit of coverage of the good side of the Middle East, which is truth be told most of the region, but that […]

A Look at TechTalk on Nightline!

Here is a look at what we did on TechTalk on DubaiEye 103.8 FM this week.     Andrew Thomas from DigitalNexa.comĀ and I sat down and had a great conversation about tech stuff and tech news. This week we had a chance to review 2 Samsung items and talk Google, SnapChat and more. I loved […]

Make a Job?

I love the idea that there are things you want to do or jobs you want that may not exist. My advice is create the job you want and it might stick! And how hard is it to get the idea of just start the job to sink in to a candidates mind? This is […]

New Door Thinking

I love a new idea and this is clever as well as technologically viable! I would love to see how we could use this for public education. Imagine putting doors in a school and connecting to a refugee camp? Imagine putting a door in a mall and connecting to a souq? Imagine!

Tim Ferriss and a Job

Tim Ferriss is one of those people that make you as, “how does he do that”? How do you find the best person for a job? How honest do you need to be about a position? Well, Tim Ferriss is looking for a managing editor and he is brutally honest about the up and down […]

Design Lessons From Aaron Draplin

I’m an educator and I would like nothing better to be able to point my students to the ultimate idea/assembly line learning textbook. The problem is there is no one ultimate source for how-to in anything. Yes we have best practices and yest we have textbooks and yes we have example after example of how-to […]

5 Must Have Skills

As we wander into a new year we find ourselves taking a bit of a measure of our success and failure. Many of us also start thinking about how we might reboot something we started or how we might go about picking up some pieces of what we started a while back. All of this […]

Customer Service?

Of course we all need to be thinking about customer service, and yes many still get it deadly wrong, but where do we start? Like public speaking we seem to base our ideas about customer service on what we have witnessed in our lives as we have gone from the baby stroller to now. Vooza […]

Love Bahamas

When you have the opportunity to hear a person speak about what they do and with passion it is hypnotic. Afie Jurvanen is one of those people you want to have dinner with. Do what you love and love what you do.

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