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Body Image and Women Examples

Bustle did a great experiment asking 21 photoshop experts to take the image of a plus sized woman and make her look beautiful, of course this is from their perspective. Give the article a read it is a lot of food for thought.    

Story Map, What An Idea!

This is a very cool tool and I found it on my goto place for journalism information it is all about using story map. Here is the link! One of the challenges we face today is how to tell engaging stories that take advantage of the available tools at hand. Story Maps helps to build […]


  Time is the one thing that we all seem to be struggling to get a grip on. A recent Economist article gives some nice perspective on the time issue. This has not turned out to be one of the world’s more pressing problems. Everybody, everywhere seems to be busy. In the corporate world, a […]

A Lost Art.

We spend a lot of time thinking and talking about technology and development. What we seem to spend less and less time thinking about is the medium itself becoming fixated on the ease of creating the message. We also seem to think that technology has an electronic component, but if we think back to 1455 […]

United Arab Emirates Memories

Hosting a radio talk-show in the United Arab Emirates makes me a very fortunate person. This year on National Day I simply asked people to text and call into the studio to share their stories. Of course broadcasting during a holiday can be a very difficult task as the usual listener is nowhere near the […]