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A week in review.

Every week I am responsible for 6 hours of content on DubaiEye 103.8 FM. Here are the podcasts. From cars to very cool music this is my week in review. If you want to grab all the show notes check out the show blog.   CARTALK TECHTALK DocTalk GetFitRadio Call-In on Courtesy The Indie JukeBox

Creatives This a MUST Read.

Nils Leonard is the chief creative officer of Grey London and I found this great piece in ADWEEK. Read and pass on! The perfect modern creative is a woman. Because we have enough men, and men like it the way it is right now.   She will seek change. And her finest qualities will be […]

2 Guys I have all the time for.

Jian Ghomeshi and Jamie Oliver are 2 guys I have nothing but time for. Ghomeshi is simply one of the most compelling talk show hosts I have had the pleasure of listening to. Oliver is a non nonsense food guru! Here is a great chat about food and our kids. Share this. The real question […]

What is LinkedIn?

Do you ever watch the Vooza videos? I love the way these guys make us think about the things that are pretty common place in our lives. Are you on LinkedIn? Ever had to describe a social media? This is great food for thought!

A Lesson in Advertising!

I found this on ADWEEK, absolutely fantastic!   Jerry Seinfeld who brought down the house with a brilliant, hilarious speech about why he loves advertising—which ended up being a blistering anti-advertising rant that comically eviscerated the business. Students watch this. Faculty watch this. Advertisers watch this! A great speech and a great ad rant!

Engine Art!

OK, when I think about how a car is put together I think of a loud, busy environemnt with men, women, machines and plenty of air tools. Well this is not the case for all auto manufacturers! CoolHunting has a great video story! Mercedes-AMG’s motto, “one man, one engine” as we watched individual mechanics single-handedly […]