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Another Great Office!

I want to work here! What a cool office. I wish schools could be more like this! Read more about it! 

The office I want.

OK, what is one of the biggest problems we have today with the allocation of space? We think in terms of one purpose. We think like this because of the inconvenience of reworking the space in a single day for multiple purposes. So, we build waste into our buildings! Check this out.   Employees at […]

News Game

I am always interested in examples of how people have taken what we do in the world of media and bring it to new audiences. In this case how we can inspire the next generation of media professionals. A great read. Al Jazeera has today launched its first newsgame – an interactive in which the […]

“So Much to Learn” by Adam Cohen

This is just a fantastic song and a fantastic video. I have said it before Q with Jian Ghomeshi is easily one of the best radio/tv/YouTube programs out there. I watched this video, by chance, first thing on the weekend and it just made my day! Interesting the impact of music and poetry, songwriting, on us. I […]

Tech/Art and Stage

I constantly tell my students that you never know where you are going to find new and cool ideas. Often, maybe always, new ideas come from the intersection of disciplines with little connection to the naked eye. If you are not a follower of ADWeek you should be as this is the home of some very […]

Tech you need to know about.

You know I work the airwaves 3 nights a week with Andrew Thomas from DigitalNexa.com and if you didn’t you know now! What I love about this hour of my life is I get to talk about technology like it is the only thing that matters on the planet, hey it is isn’t it? What did I […]

What a thought!

This was waiting for me in my inbox today and it really got me thinking. Thinking about the work I do in the classroom, on the radio, with research and just in general. A huge issue is benchmarking and comparison, neither of which is a good thing, but we have to do it or we […]

Cool Bit of Audio.

  I don’t know how often you get to listen to Q on CBC but this was a great piece. Kelly McEvers wrestles with the war reporter’s dilemma (give this link a click) Former war correspondent Kelly McEvers on the difficult decision to stop covering global conflict. I had my COM200, Intro to Communication, students listen […]

45th Season!

45 years that is how long Sesame Street has been captivating, educating and entertaining. As I sit with fellow academics, media people and creatives I can’t help but wonder what we can all learn from Sesame Street as we ply our own crafts? FastCompany has a great article to read on what makes Sesame Street […]


There is a lot of talk today about our health and food. I do wonder if marketing guys are not taking things to far? Do we believe everything we see? In the past did a good muesli not clean the liver? You have to love marketing and packaging.

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