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More Indie Music

There is something about playing music and independent music on an all talk radio station that get the blood flowing. Paul Kelly from Triplew.me joins me on DubaiEye every week to shake things up a bit with independent music from the Middle East. Here is what we got up to this week. Let me know what you […]


How do you react to disability? Pitty, shame, fear? Crazy really because a person with a disability is no less a person yet we treat then that way. I came across this and said, wow, we need to have a version of this in the UAE! I would love to see my students produce a […]

The Speed Issue.

We have a problem, actually the problem has never gone away it is just intensifying. What we teach and the world we live in, when we talk technology enablement, is getting further and further apart. How do I know? Correct the research is still being dreamed up! Did you see this. Teenagers are moving away […]


I was sitting with Marcus Smith of Innerfight.com, the fitness guy, and we were pre-recording our fitness bit for DubaiEye when a simple link of ideas happened. I am always amazed at how things connect, we see the connection they are always connected, when we are doing/thinking/working on something else. We were talking fitness and […]

The Middle East Indie Music JukeBox

Every week I get the chance to sit down with Paul Kelly from Triplew.me and play some fantastic music. This is an hour of radio I personally look forward to creating every week. Maybe I dream of being Scruff Connors from Q107 days in Toronto or Derringer or Tim Klassen (who is in Dubai now I listened […]

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