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Finding a Story.

I am always interested in how people find their voice. What if you have a voice and you lose it? What if the stories just stop coming? I loved Sting’s story of how he found his voice again!   Go back to your roots!


We spend a lot of time thinking about ideas and wondering about ideas. This is a great piece of video to watch as you think about your own ideas. The Great David Lynch Explains Where Ideas Come from & What to Do when You’ve Got One

Indie Music Jukebox May 14

On a weekly basis I get to sit down with Paul Kelly of www.triplew.me and dig into some great independent recordings from the Middle East. This was one of those weeks! Here is what we played. Malak – A Little Closer (https://www.facebook.com/MalakxMusic + www.twitter.com/Malakelhussieny) Sandmoon – Things (https://www.facebook.com/sandmoon + https://twitter.com/sandmoonmusic) Booma – Loss & Closure […]


How good are you with change? What is your creativity quotient? Now add a bit of food and add New York to the 2 questions above. This is a fantastic educational video, share it! We don’t teach change well and we stumble with creativity. Lessons below! Innovate and constantly bring the new! Greeted every morning […]

Great idea #45

This is just a fantastic idea! Here is where I found the clip. The article sums up simplicity, idea and action. It’s such a great, simple idea: Young Brazilians want to learn English. Elderly Americans living in retirement homes just want someone to talk to. Why not connect them?  

Watch this!

This is one those musical artists that I love to listen to when she sings but also when she talks life. A lot of good advice here.   Maybe I need to be a bit more mindful? Maybe you need to be a bit more mindful?

Raise fuel prices?

So I had this half baked idea about how to reduce accidents on the road, raw really. What if we were to jack up fuel prices, I live in the UAE remember. Raising the price will force us to consider buying fewer big cars, drive slower with smaller cars and maybe even stop driving as much! The idea […]

Get Inspired.

I love listening and watching Jian Ghomeshi·and this is a great story. Listening to Caroll Spinney, Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, makes me believe anything is possible with a bit of luck and a lot of talent. This is a clip I watch over and over!  

Everyday feels like a Saturday!

I found this in my inbox and it got me thinking about a couple of things. First are you playing a part in what is going on around you or are you coasting? I have to tell you it is pretty easy to coast. Second do what you are good at and keep doing it. […]

Who knows what?

I came across this site and it really made me think about what our youth know about industries that many of us take for granted, in this case advertising. We live and breath advertising but how much do we know about the industry. As it turns out our youth know little, very little. Go visit […]

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