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Middle East Indie Music

This is the hour of radio I totally look forward to each week. Paul Kelly from Triplew.me and I sit down and spin some discs or recordings we have made of indie artists in the Middle East. The funny thing about this radio show is that it is the ONLY one of its kind in […]


I love Storehouse a new visual storytelling tool for the iPad. Sure it is early days and I am looking forward to an easy way to browse stories on other platforms, not just the iPad, but the package is exciting. Take a look at this example. Sorry no embed feature yet!           […]

Present Well.

Inc. had a great set of 5 rules on how to make presentations that matter. This is a must read and what I strive for my COM230 students to live by. 1. Be yourself. If you pose as somebody you’re not, your audience will know you’re insincere and therefore disbelieve whatever you’re saying. For example, […]

Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall was fundamental in helping me develop a love of culture, public policy and today media literacy. Sut Jhally wrote some very moving words about Stuart Hall. Stuart was also one of the nicest and kindest people I have ever met, treating university presidents and freshman students in exactly the same way. I have […]

Great Music Here in the Middle East

You know by now that I have the honour and privilege of hosting a radio show in Dubai, Nightline on Dubaieye. Well there is one hour a week that is devoted to independent music from the Middle East. Paul Kelly from Triplew.me gathers some music and joins me in the studio for a treat to the ears. […]

Curious List

It is always interesting to see which countries are the worst for sending SPAM. And look who the top 3 offenders are. The message here is that those most concerned about spam are also those generating it! The issues can’t be SPAM but the mentality that would actually make someone think that this kind of […]

The #1 Question

I have a group of 44 students heading out on internships this semester and there are lots of questions about how to prepare. I cam across this great piece on Inc.com. The Only Interview Question That Matters BY LOU ADLER, this is a must read! And what is the question that matters? What single project or task […]

Digital Canada The Numbers

The Canadian Digital Media Network is easily one of my favorite resources. When it comes to Digital Trends CDMN has the stuff. Check the numbers, ask the questions! There is still a lot of room in the digital service delivery business but what service and where is the question. And how prepared are you? Are […]

Imagine and Do

The very cool thing about technology is it allows you to take what we did do and make it into something new. Yes, simple, but you would be surprised by the number of people who lose or change jobs and miss the opportunity to re-imagine things. And the things are typically in plain sight. How […]

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