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For the Love of a Story

I love a good story and a good conversation. I guess that is why I spend 6 hours a week at DubaiEye 103.8 FM. Listening to a good story, a good conversation, a good idea, a few good words can make a person’s day! Well you have to give this article about HAROLD SCHEUB a look. […]

Body Image Re-Take

There seems to be a theme to the last few posts I have done. Body image is a huge issue for both men and women BUT, women seem to be held up to a far more unrealistic set of expectations. Ads, storefronts, peer pressure, movies, mags… there are hundreds of suggestions a day directing women […]

We all Love the Fake

So much of what we see in the media, ads, music, images… have had a little help from an editing suite. It is amazing how little thought people, including me, give to the reality that what we are seeing and hearing may not be a 100% true representation. And what does that say about our […]

What do you make of this?

#1 issue on my mind these days is how are our youth using the media, technology and tools of access to the pretty much anything and everything going on around them? Are we paying attention? Are we watching? Are we listening? To all 3 of the above the answer is not with any consistency. But […]

Selfies For Good

WOW, the media is great and a really mean tool. Well this is a fantastic little video that really does help all of us think about how the media defines us. I love the idea that we can USE the media and RE-DEFINE how it represents us. Are we thinking about how the media defines […]

Indie Music Middle East

You know what? There are some really talented musicians in the UAE and the Middle East for that matter who we never hear a peep from. Well, on www.dubaieye1038.com and my Nightline show we aim to fix that. If you listen to just 1 show I do on DubaiEye the Wind-Down Wednesday show with Paul Kelly […]

How It Works, Magazines.

How often are you left scratching your head wondering why those media folks do this or that? And even if you are in the know about the magazine industry how do you take what you know and put it into a context that a student can understand? You want to check this out. And what […]


Do you ever get a chance to read Medium? Long-form journalism that combines mediums to present some of the best content I have ever come across and continue to come across. This story, Einstein’s Camera  How one renegade photographer is hacking the concept of time is incredible. How many of us have had a great idea […]

Things to Read.

I am constantly amazed by what is available because of the internet. What is even more amazing is how easy it is to now get content that a few years ago would be out of reach and thus out of mind. Take current film scripts as an example. From an educators perspective it is fantastic […]

Ideal Job, How?

What do you need to study to get your ideal job and how much time do I need to invest must be the series of questions I get all the time as my students head off to their internships. Do what you love and love what you do is what I always say, of course […]

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