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Food, imagination and a bit of wow.

How do you make anything cool? How do you make ice cream cool? Dress up the ice cream parlour, add a lab coat, a cup of liquid nitrogen and stand back. Crazy but this is a cool way to get instant fresh ice cream to a public who want to have a product that is […]

2014 time to reithink?

Self Assessment, off? Ok, as the New Year comes around it seems I am spending a bit more time looking at and assessing what I have done, thought about, and achieved. The reality is pretty sad actually. The reality is I have done a bunch of things from in class projects at Zayed University, teaching […]

Public? Private?

Where is the line between our public and our private lives? I work with a tech genius who refuses to be photographed. I work with a media leader who refuses to have any direct content posted online. Where do we draw the public and private lines? Personally I am online and exploring the variety of […]

Was at a creative loss.

It is one thing to have a writing block, what about a full creative block? I am curious how people get themselves out of the funk as some like to call it. My immediate supervisor at Zayed University said when it comes to writing, JUST WRITE. A friend said, JUST STOP. I have no magic […]