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Take a Different Route.

OK, we do a lot of music on Nightline with the help of Paul Kelly over there at www.triplew.me but we have not had a band like these guys. If you are not listening and watching Q you are missing something big. This band, Royal Canoe caught my attention because they are indeed taking the other […]


It is one thing to do what you love but it is fantastic to watch people doing what they love. Try to get  teens out of bed at 5:45 on a weekend! Then try to get those teens to sit in a car for an hour at 5:45 on a weekend! In this case these […]


What is the best advice you can give to anyone who is looking at a career or job or change of career? Love what you do! We spend a lot of time drilling into students that this or that is a great career and really how do you know? All of my students do an […]

Service and Sales and Communication

All too often we think in boxes. Our eduction is a box. Our passion is a box. Our family life is a box. And all these boxes are stacked and stored but few ever spill over into the other and get mixed! What a shame that we don’t allow our ideas, passions, hobbies, education, assignments […]

Ready or Not?

Well I teach media and do a pretty good radio show on DubaiEye if I do say so myself. I also teach public speaking and some media writing at Zayed University. We teachers need to be careful that we don’t project the image of being experts at all things. One thing I am not is a […]

Career Options

So often what we study and what we end up doing can be very different things. Maybe the thing we need to keep in mind is not what we will do but how we will use our ability? Maybe we are too tied to one way of thinking? Take communication, is it about words or […]

MOvember, why not?

Am I missing something? Grow a MO, talk about mens health and maybe raise a few Dirhams/Dollars, sounds easy. Yet so few men, I know, are willing to grow the MO. Odd. I have heard that it is not good for business. Well I beg to differ! Have you seen my instagram videos?  http://instagram.com/jamespiecowye And […]

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